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The beautiful destination of Vietnam where you should come in Tet holiday If Lunar New Year is a great time for member of family gather together, reunited with their families after a year or three out of the country, the Vietnamese often spend time on having a small trip with their friends,their family . Due to the Oriental culture, the Vietnamese people do not have a long vacation and do not pay much attention in New year festival. So, take this short time to roam at some of the wonderful destinations: Hue - dreamlike city If you want to find a tourist destination in few days of New Year, you can choose Hue dreamlike. And I think Hue is also not bad suggestion. Hue is famous for architecture tombs, temples in Viet Nam. The Hue Citadel is still pristine and ancient, It makes tourists interested when they come here. On New Year, the Hue Citadel is usually free for tourists, so you do not miss this opportunity! Hue is considered as the gentle muse. Perhaps mossy ancient space with the old beautiful tree-lined made Hue soft, quiet and different women. Although you are active and outwardly people, perhaps the natural place will dominate your mood, making your mind live more nostalgic and peaceful. Hue is not like the other cities. The romantic Huong river runs in the heart of the city evokes the sadness but extremely romantic and peaceful. If you want to deepen the life of the people in Hue city, you can go to Dong Ba market, this market is famous for diverse and beautiful. In the past, the market was famous for "hacking" tourists on price, but this phenomenon has been managed so you can feel comfortable when com here. Sapa- enjoy the cold destination If you have one time to explore white snow and the cold weather, do not forget to go to the mountain region in northern Vietnam - Sapa. Sapa is very popular domestic and foreign tourists. Nowday, daily travel websites still review the journey of young people with Sapa. Perhaps, this is the most honest feeling and feedback about the journey to Sapa. There are number of mountains, the scene as the same clouds hovering in mid air, the market where people get together with her charming mountain. Let's arrange the work, pick up the good clothes to avoid cold and team up to Sapa in this Tet holiday! Da Nang- the stunning of bridges Each season, people give noble sentiment Da Nang through some name . Danang is considered as the city of bridges. In this summer, Danang is the most beautiful by the glittering, brightly colored bridge across Han River. Da Nang is located in the south of central Vietnam, This city is prevented winds and rain by Hai van pass so the weather here much gentler. At about January, the sky of Da Nang is already freezing,You should wear thin sweater to keep warm when you travel on streets of Da Nang. When you decide to come Da Nang, you tend to choose travel with danang tours instead of traveling alone because it takes a lot of time and especially if you do not understand the situation in the city, the price is very expensive. One of the travel consulting companies, booking cheap tours in Da Nang is Quang Da Travel. When come to Da Nang, you can miss travel tour such as Hoi An, the beautiful places in the center of Da Nang city such as Asian parks, stunning of bridges or trips to the Location of the city center: Ngu Hanh Son, enjoy the famous dishes of Da Nang, .. Travel tour in Da Nang city is considered a reasonable and intelligent choice during the holidays. Nowday, Quang Da has schedules for domestic and foreign visitors.You can access on danang tours to find relevant information and prepare yourself for the next trip. Hope you have lots of interesting information about destination tour in Viet Nam. Wish you have great time with your family and friends! View more information about da nang tour at a web !


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