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Experience an exciting Da Thanh by bus Danang is always an interesting destination for those who want to relax after long days of work and books. The hot summer days like to radiate like this but come to Danang coastal city only have great or better. Da Nang not only caused many people to be heartbroken for spoiled for the drop-off destination, delicious dishes, but from 2017 onwards, Da Nang also added a favorite list to visitors with a reasonable service That is the bus system. With the website always updated regularly and quickly helped visitors as well as people to follow the schedule and fare easily. By the way, today let me have the experience of Danang with these interesting buses. See everywhere in the city without being afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain What makes me excited when choosing a bus to vi vu Da Thanh is here. With sunny weather of nearly 40 degrees, the outdoor goosebumps must be too tired to let go, not to mention the hours of shifts people like sniffing. It is difficult to naturally focus on sightseeing. Sitting on the bus, especially sitting next to the window, the sun does not touch the head, the vacuum is not like this, so I am not afraid to admire Da Nang very satisfied. Every scene, life in a beautiful city will slowly run into your eyes. Sometimes, looking at the moving city is an incredible pleasure. Adventure on the streets of the city. The romance of each tour depends on how you feel it. I absolutely love the feeling of seeing the city through the automobile screen. If riding a motorbike even though Danang touches his skin and touches his skin like eyes keep sticking straight on the road, he cannot see the streets of the city. Now there is another bus. I just had to drag the camera out and shoot all over the place without losing the brakes in the middle of the road. Now just check the location the previous day, today to the stop and board the bus to arrive. Enjoy many delicious dishes, see many beautiful scenes The tourist destinations as well as the amusement parks in Danang are spread all over the city, from the south bank of the Han River to the north bank of the Han River just far enough away. But far away, the bus also takes you to grips. Not only can you see the city on the bus, but you can stop anywhere there is a bus stop to visit nearby entertainment venues. The most beautiful bridges in Da Nang will surely see you clearly. Every time there is a bus stop in a section, if you want to stop to travel, you just get off the bus, and now get on the bus and go home. Very convenient. Buses are extremely useful solutions for those who are not connoisseurs of Da Nang roads. Bus also has routes to Hoi An, Ai Nghia, .. so traveling far to the old town is just a "small thing like a rabbit" only. You see, Danang is really knowledgeable, right? Draw out a lot of lovely games to please guests. Da Nang bus is also the same, being in operation for 1 time is too interesting for people to enjoy. Thanks to the Da Nang bus that helps to know how much traffic congestion, the burden of gasoline increases again. Too fond of it. At the moment, the Da Nang bus web operates 24 hours a day, wants to find anything, see what the price is. View more information about da nang tour : click here !


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