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Delia Rose

Delia Rose

Before towering condo units were made, before suburban housing sprouted in each and every city like mushrooms, before the idea of a fixed abode was ever conceived, man used to live in the wild and move from one place to another. You may scoff, but there is still in man that nomadic instinct. From time to time, you seem to get tired of being in the same place over and over again. So you spend summer vacations somewhere else other than your beloved house-to your relatives in other states, to Africa, to South America, to Asia, and so on. And that also holds true with your working space. Sometimes, you seem to get bored working in the same area. For instance, you may feel that your fiddling with your electronic project on your trusty garage work bench seems to be monotonous.


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Nel bene, nel male e nel così così

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