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The Mothership invites you to be element of the household

The Mothership invites you to be element of the household

Have you listened to about the skilled scooter planet there is close to? Either if you have or not heard of it, we invite you to be element of our group below at Mothership. If you consider your self a scooter amateur who wants to have fun with his/her friends, then we will fit your wants. Nonetheless, if you want to roll that added mile and grow to be a trick scooter specialist, we have what it takes to make you portion of the riders that leave a trail in this sport.


A trick scooter is a fun scooter


Do you want to do that nuts 360 hop you noticed on Youtube? Or maybe to manual-trip your scooter about. Do you want you be like the Funk Brothers? Perhaps you just want to be unique and do your own thing but remember safety goes initial. You can have all the entertaining you want with your Mothership-bought scooter and learn all the methods you see, but you ought to dress in a helmet that we can also offer. We want our riders, professional or leisure, to roll safe below at Mothership.


Even although there are plastic scooters, professional scooters tend to be created of aluminum, and we´re a group of professionals right here at Mothership. We have a large variety of the most popular scooter brands in our shop, from Aztec to Crisp to Dying Lens. Nevertheless, we know you occasionally want to go beyond all makes and be first, that´s why you can construct your very own scooter below at Mothership. In addition, we carry you all these scooter components that yours has broken, from a manage to the wheels. Get the ideal manufacturers, create a customized scooter, be very pleased of rolling with Mothership, we are in a position to give all that you think about.


Our goal


Our concentrate is not to be the very best or most costly or fanciest business, we depart that to the rest. We have been portion of this great entire world considering that 2006 and were capable to have our possess scooter shop in 2009, modest but steady expanding and receiving deeper and further in the scooter sport. That´s our total stage: we want to stand out on the pro scooter rider´s minds, and we have effectively managed that. Numerous of these who have turn into great experts were qualified listed here, and some of them determined to stay here with us.


We don´t seek trophies, we do this for the really like of rolling. professional scooters This is a wonderful sport that has a great community of followers, ours frequently really feel much more like they are portion of a household than in an company when they walk through Mothership. More than a scooter retailer


As we stated ahead of, we do what we do for adore, not awards nor income, that´s why our goal depends on marketing scooter functions or contests and supporting both the fans and the professionals that make this sport fantastic. We will give you a unique expertise at Mothership.


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