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How to Buy Contacts Online A Step by Step Guide

How to Buy Contacts Online A Step by Step Guide

Buying Contact Lenses Online is a convenient solution for those with vision impairment. best colored contacts takes a few simple clicks and can be done at any time instead of having to take time off from work to head to the optometrist's office; plus, online retailers often sell their wares at significantly discounted prices. This article lays out the steps required to wind up with the right prescription and high-quality contact lenses.


Step One: Get an Eye Exam


The first step to take when purchasing contacts online is to get an up-to-date prescription from an optometrist. This can be done either in conjunction with an exam to be fitted for glasses as well or at an appointment specifically focused on contact lenses. Remember that most people require a slightly different prescription for contacts than they do for glasses, though, since the lenses sit directly on the eye instead of several millimeters away from the face.


Step Two: Get a Copy of the Prescription


The optometrist should provide his or her patient with a paper copy of the prescription. Some offices also offer digital copies. This prescription can be used to purchase contacts from anywhere; they don't have to be bought at the doctor's office.


colored eye contacts : Check the Information


All prescriptions should include the patient's name, the date of the exam, and the optometrist's contact information; some doctors also include information such as base curve, power, and lens material. Check to be sure that all of this information is included prior to leaving the office. This will help to ensure that patients order the correct contact strength later.


Step Four: Order Before the Prescription Expires


Most contact prescriptions last for at least a year. In some places, the expiration date is even longer. However, once that prescription is expired, it can no longer be used to order contact lenses so be sure to take action and place an order soon after leaving the doctor's office.


Step Five: Choose a Provider


Choosing where to purchase contacts online can be a hassle, as there are a lot of sites out there that aren't as reputable as they might seem. Be sure to find a website that will offer both a competitive price and high-quality lenses. This can generally be accomplished through putting in a little bit of extra legwork to read customer reviews and look for industry accreditation.


Step Six: Order the Right Brand


It's usually a good idea to stick with the brand suggested by the optometrist, as different brands of contacts fit patients' eyes in different ways. While there may be cheaper brands available, they all too often won't be a good fit for patients, making them a waste of money in the end.


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