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Unique Ark Embroidery Serivces for everyone

Unique Ark Embroidery Serivces for everyone

Big and Tall Men’s T-shirt - The Best Way To DressBack in the day, a lot of men never looked forward to shopping for big and tall men’s clothes. Specialty stores just are not some people's idea of a good time, even if the clothes are excellent and attractive. That's not so much of a problem, anymore, due to the fact that larger T-shirt sizes are now stocked in the regular department stores. Ever increasing numbers of men are entering the big and tall T-shirt group, so the concept of vanity sizing enters into the mix. However, lots of people have a difficult time finding clothes that are right for them if they're not what's considered an average size. So keep reading to discover the best ways to go about finding clothes that fit just right, and that you'll like to wear.Visit some of the specialty retailers that cater especially to big and tall men's T-shirt. There aren't many people who like shopping in stores with names like this, you're still going to find a far greater selection of T-shirt than you'll see in any department stores. With so many more designers creating T-shirt styles to suit the bigger sizes, there's always plenty of choice for different styles to suit your tastes. This means you have more choices than ever, as the specialty stores are carrying much broader varieties to suit every taste. You should also try to pick T-shirt with a lower cut waistline. Pants cut with a higher waist don't look good on most body shapes, which could be why they're difficult to find these days. You want to choose pants that sit a little bit lower on the hips. You'll find cuts like this could lengthen the appearance of your torso. Choose pants that sit just below the waist line. There's also the risk of giving yourself a 'muffin top' appearance if you get pants that are too low cut down your hips.Choose fabrics that will support your structure. Bigger men will do well with denim jeans because these pants can hold more weight than slacks or khaki pants. Denim can actually hold some of the weight in whereas pants made of lighter fabric can accentuate your curves and make them more prominent. Take some time thinking over your fabric choices. While lighter fabric might sometimes breathe a little better, they can also make you appear larger than you are. There are a lot of ways to find big and tall men’s T-shirt that fits you properly. So you don't really have to always use a specialty shop to find your size. The fact is that, with things like vanity sizing, you might not even be considered big and tall anymore. But also think that some sizes that were once called, normal, are now considered big and tall, so they'll be easier to find. It's not hard to find what you need, you just have to be creative! Embroidery Services Silkscreen Printing SingaporeSilkscreen printing, likewise referred to as screen printing, is a popular technique for applying designs on t-shirts. Direct silkscreen printing is the favored method for printing high quantity orders.It works like a stencil, where the artwork is burned unto a mesh and empty locations are covered with an invulnerable chemical. After which, ink is used and pressed through the mesh, onto the t-shirt.There are 3 kinds of silkscreen prints - direct silkscreen, indirect silkscreen and reflective silkscreen prints. Embroidery Services Singapore Depending upon your artwork information, we will select the most appropriate type to print your artwork on your option of clothing.Ark Industries: Your Custom Printing SpecialistThe team at Ark Industries believes in delivering quality products to each of our consumers. Considering that 2005, the Ark Industries brand is one of quality control and terrific consumer service. With an experienced team, we are able to comprehend the needs of our customers and are able to work with consumers to produce customized designs within limited time. We ensure that the art work file utilized for silkscreen printing is of high quality and the colours chosen will look dynamic on your garments.Ark Industries Products RangeWe have a large range of products available at Ark Industries. Pick among branded or unbranded garments for your business logos or art work to be printed on! Our brand partners include global brands such as adidas, Taylormade, Yupoong Flexfit, Under Armour and Puma.The Ark Industries products range includes:• Round neck t-shirts• Polo t-shirts• Button shirts• Long sleeve t-shirts• Windbreakers, jackets and hoodies• Towels• Teamwear Jerseys, socks and shorts• Lanyards• Bags• CapsDeveloped in 2005-- Ark Industries has actually grown into one of the top embroidery and printing companies in Singapore. We pride ourselves in producing quality print or embroidery products and care about supplying fast turn-around times at cost effective rates for our customers.As such, we make use of only quality products imported from Germany for both our embroidery (Madeira) and prints (The Magic Touch) to guarantee against fading and supply a 100 % replacement guarantee on items that come off the line from Ark Industries.In order to stay real to our dedication, we construct relationships with both our clients and providers in order to listen to our their client's needs. Singapore t-shirt printing With this, the trust that we have been provided can been shown through the distribution rights that we have been granted. Brands such as adidas, Taylormade and adidas golf apparel, Nike running, CompresSport, Yupoong flexfit caps and Hanes tees.We have grown from a business that made use of to provide only embroidery and printing services, to one that now houses our own internal design team that not only does personalized designs for customers, however likewise collaborates with them to create brand advancements for production.The group at Ark Industries thinks in delivering quality products to each of our customers. Given that 2005, the Ark Industries brand is one of quality guarantee and excellent customer service. We ensure that the art work file made use of for silkscreen printing is of high quality and the colours picked will look dynamic on your apparel.We have a large selection of items available at Ark Industries. Pick amongst top quality or unbranded apparel for your corporate logos or art work to be printed on!


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